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Anonymous Tip Leads Police To Shack — With Someone Very Scared Inside

They arrived just in time.

An anonymous phone call to police near Dallas, Texas, led rescuers to a very sad scene. 

In a dilapidated shack, police found a young horse standing by the body of her mother. They called Becky's Hope Horse Rescue for help. 

Shack where horses were abandoned
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue

"The mom had died a few days before," Sarah McGregor, a spokeswoman for Becky's Hope, told The Dodo. "Who really knows how long they had been there?"

Police are currently investigating who could have abandoned the little family there. Meanwhile, for rescuers from Becky's Hope, the priority was making the traumatized young horse feel safe again.

Horse saved from shack
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue
Horse rescued from shack
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue

They named her Silvie and brought her back to the rescue where she could recover from being abandoned and losing her mom.

Because of all Silvie had been through, gaining her trust could pose a challenge. So rescuers are being very sensitive and patient with her.

Horse learning to trust rescuer
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue

"She is still pretty submissive with everyone and the other animals," McGregor said. But rescuers have discovered she loves getting pets and back scratches. 

abandoned horse saved from shack
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue
Horse drinking water after being saved from abandonment
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue

And recently Silvie started running and playing with another rescued horse named Hope and her daughter Cherry, who was born at the sanctuary after her mom was rescued and who is full of energy — a good influence for Silvie.  

Sadly, thousands of horses are abandoned and neglected in the U.S. every year. Many of them wind up at ship pens that export the animals to other countries for slaughter.

"We never know when we will receive a call for rescue and where that call will take us," the rescue wrote on Facebook.

Thankfully, this call took them right to Silvie — and it saved her life.

Horse saved from shack
Becky's Hope Horse Rescue
To help Becky's Hope Horse Rescue care for Silvie and all its rescued animals, you can make a donation. You can also keep up with Silvie and her new friends by following Becky's Hope on Facebook.
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