Baby Cow With Head Stuck In Tree Is So Happy Someone Stopped To Save Him

"The odds of us finding this poor guy were so slim it's crazy."

The other day, Nolan Fogle was on a hike with his son when they noticed something unusual.

There in the distance, in what Fogle described as “the middle of nowhere,” they spotted a young calf in desperate need of help.

Nolan Fogle

The young cow, all alone in the field, had somehow managed to get his head trapped between the fork of a tree trunk. How long he'd been there was anyone's guess, but it was clear the calf wouldn't be able to escape the spot on his own.

Fortunately, as if by some miracle, help arrived when he needed it most.

Fogle didn't hesitate. He calmly approached the frightened calf and proceeded to save his life:

"The odds of us finding this poor guy were so slim it's crazy," Fogle said. "I've never been in this area."

Afterward, Fogle gave the calf water and returned him safely to his family.

Nolan Fogle

Despite the calf's ordeal, he appeared to be in good health — grateful, no doubt, to the stranger who stopped to help.

Fogle was thankful, too.

"I'm just glad we were in the right place at the right time," he said.