Nice Duck Returns Boy's Flip-Flop That Fell Down A Hill

So polite ❤

Recently, Myla Aguila was walking by a village near her home in the Philippines when this curious scene caught her eye.

Myla Aguila

There, squatting atop a small hill off the road, was a young boy facing a little problem. Evidently, one of his flip-flops had fallen down the dirt slope and was now out of reach.

Though the boy could easily have climbed down to grab it, someone else got there first — a thoughtful duck, who kindly retrieved the flip-flop for him.

Here’s that remarkable moment on video:

Aguila couldn't believe her eyes, and neither could the small crowd that had also been looking on. The bird had done this random kid a solid.

“I was dumbfounded,” Aguila wrote online, going on to say: “The duck is kind. He really helped, even though he doesn’t know the child.”

The heartwarming incident defies easy explanation. But for Aguila, it's opened her eyes to a level of emotional complexity she'd never thought a duck could possess. It's changed her outlook for the better.

"There is a feeling like a person," she wrote, adding: "I will feel mercy on them because of what I saw."

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