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Bull Steals Teens' Soccer Ball So He Can Play His Own Game


A group of teenagers in India were having some fun one afternoon, kicking a soccer ball around, when the ball rolled away and stopped right at the feet of a nearby bull, who was standing around just watching the game. 

The boys approached the bull, expecting to easily retrieve their ball … 

… but the bull absolutely refused to give it back. 

Every time the boys approached him, the bull would charge at them, making it very clear that it was his ball now. He kicked it around with his hooves, thoroughly enjoying his new toy, while the baffled teenagers tried to figure out how to get their ball back and resume the game. 

The bull was very aware that he had stolen the ball and stayed on high alert, trying to make sure that no one could steal it back. 

At one point, two of the boys teamed up and almost succeeded, but were outsmarted by the bull in the end. 

Finally, someone was able to create a distraction … 

… and the teenagers stole the ball back at last. 

The bull, however, was not willing to give up, and continued to chase the ball as the teenagers resumed their game … 

… and was eventually able to steal it back again!

Apparently, playing a full game of soccer just wasn’t in the cards for the teenagers that day, and instead the story became about the unlikely love between a bull and his soccer ball.