Bull Escapes Slaughterhouse And Runs For His Life Through Streets Of NYC

Police cornered him in Brooklyn — but this story has a happy ending.

A young bull is safe after escaping a slaughterhouse and sprinting through the residential streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, on Tuesday morning.

"Just saw a COW bolting up 17th St in S. Slope," one Tweeter wrote. "On the sidewalk. In case I thought there was nothing new to be seen after a lifetime in NYC."

The bull drew quite a crowd, especially as he made his way up to Prospect Park, where police officers cornered him on an athletic field. 

As many people watched live video of the chase, which lasted over an hour, some worried that this animal could end up like another bull who escaped a slaughterhouse earlier this year in New York City, who ran panicked through the streets of Queens and ultimately died because officials over-tranquilized him. 

Mike Stura, who runs Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in New Jersey, rushed to the scene in hopes that he could convince the authorities to release the bull into his care.

"I'm trying," Stura wrote on Facebook. "I’m on my way."

Several tense hours passed from the time the bull was cornered by police on the sports field to when news of the fate of the young bull surfaced — and the news was happy.

"I am, for whatever reason, the go-to guy when it comes to bulls and cows around here," Stura told The Dodo over the phone as he drove the rescued bull, who is estimated to be less than a year old, to the vet. "I’ve rescued several of them from things like this. When this kind of thing happens I get a million phone calls."

Stura negotiated with the authorities to take custody of the young bull. After the visit to the vet, the bull will return with Stura to the sanctuary where he'll be quarantined until it's certain he's healthy — then he'll be meeting some friends. There are 39 other cows at the sanctuary.

“He’ll have a nice life, running around," Stura said.

When asked about what the bull's name will be, Stura said he still didn't know the guy well enough to say. "I’ll let him show me who he is and then all of a sudden it will just come to me," he said.

Comments flooded the sanctuary's Facebook page, thanking Stura for turning this bull's fate around and giving him a home. "You were his miracle," one commenter wrote.

To congratulate the bull on his new life at the sanctuary, you can make a donation to his care.