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12 Wise Older Dogs Who Just Want A Place To Call Home

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Dogs of a certain age are great! Just ask any of these happy adopters who are completely in love with their new, older dogs. (And, as Mythbusters demonstrated with a pair of 7-year-old Malamutes, old pups will happily learn new tricks.) The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists a handful of reasons why you - if your lifestyle is right for a dog - should consider an older pooch, including fewer messes and a more couch-friendly demeanor.

Here are 11 senior canines, who as of this writing are waiting to be adopted or will be available for adoption soon:

1. Jonesy, age 13, in Vancouver, Canada: "He is seriously about the sweetest little man and everyone he meets becomes his new favorite lap."

11. & 12. Louie, age 8, and Shell, age 10, in Nashville, Tennessee: "They are wonderful dogs, playful and friendly to all, but we have ourselves a wee bit of a language barrier here ...They know many commands, just in Japanese ...

Bigger problem: these two dogs have been trained to pee and poop into a toilet. This is of course awesome, but we don't know the command and they have been using their water bowl as a substitute toilet."

Look at these beaming faces of new owners with old dogs - one of them could be you!