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Cop Stops Everything To Keep Scared, Pregnant Dog Safe

We see what you did there, Lieutenant Bryan Taylor.

When you spotted a very scared and very pregnant dog weaving in and out of Oklahoma City traffic on Monday, you could have done nothing at all.

But instead, you did everything.

Police work is often about unheralded, day-to-day acts of heroism.

But someone spotted you closing down street traffic where were seen coaxing a scared dog with food and praise and comforting coos.

Facebook / Oklahoma City Police Department

Someone took this perfect picture of you kneeling in the grass, calling to that lost dog - and posted it to Facebook.

After a while, the dog's anxious owner came onto the scene. The dog leapt into her arms. But it was Lieutenant Bryan Taylor who kept her safe during those dangerous moments.

Congratulations, Lieutenant Taylor, for having her back. And for being a bright, shiny beacon of humanity with a badge.