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Oh God Dwyane Wade, What Are You Doing With That Dolphin And Why Are You At SeaWorld?

Quite possibly nursing the wounds from the loss of Miami Heat teammate LeBron James, Dwyane Wade filled his gaping emotional hole with some quality time at SeaWorld ... of all places. As he posted on Instagram:

Had a blast at #SeaWorld with the boys @zwadeandfreshmorris I think dolphins are now my favorite. #mensvacay

Perhaps Wade should have opted for a more dolphin-friendly #mensvacay, like sustainable whale watching or anywhere but SeaWorld. And if Dolphins really are Wade's new favorite, he should understand how captivity affects them. He should also realize that the minute he instagrams his presence at SeaWorld, he's acting as free PR and endorsing their practices.

My new teammate that I'm throwing lobs 2 now haaaa. Great time @seaworldsandiego.. #mensvacay #dolphinfever

Maybe Wade should watch "Blackfish" on his next #mensvacay or do any of these thingsinstead of visiting SeaWorld.

Sign this petition to let Wade know what you think of SeaWorld.