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Policeman Risks Life To Save Dog From Inferno

A policeman's job is often described as "to serve and protect" and an officer in Mexico recently exemplified those duties by putting an animal's safety before his own.

Earlier this month, Mexico's Federal Police shared dramatic footage of an officer rescuing a fenced-in dog from a raging fire.

In the video, the officer can be seen coaxing the apparently frightened dog before picking her up and pulling her to safety.

"When doing our work we are faced with different challenges," wrote the Federal Police on Facebook, "always aimed at protecting life."

Authorities shared no other details about the rescue, but the agency's affinity for dogs is apparent on social media.

Tasked with fighting Mexico's drug cartels, the Federal Police make extensive use of detection dogs like Simón, a golden retriever recently featured on the agency's Twitter account.

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