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Runaway Coconut Cracks Open To Reveal Genius Animal

When scientists first saw an octopus carrying a coconut shell and hiding inside it, they said they "almost drowned from laughing." Another video recently making the rounds on the internet shows an octopus taking his coconut shell to the next level: transportation.

The video, filmed by scuba diver Edi Frommenwiler off the coast of Indonesia, begins with a mysterious-looking coconut rolling along the sea floor.

Facebook/Scuba Diver Life

As the coconut moves along, the crack between the halves widens and out comes an octopus.

Facebook/Scuba Diver Life

He uses his eight legs to simultaneously walk along the ground and carry the shell beneath him.

Facebook/Scuba Diver Life

Then, as quickly as he opened his shell, he climbs back in to continue on his rolling adventure.

Facebook/Scuba Diver Life

The species of octopus in the video is called Amphioctopus marginatus, also known as the coconut octopus - the common name, of course, coming from the shells they use as a home.

While the species' use of coconut shells as dwellings has sparked debate about whether they're an example of an animal using a tool, perhaps this footage of one using his shell as a method of transportation will settle the debate.

Watch the full video, complete with intense background music, below.