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Aquarium Cancels Octopus 'Date' For The Creepiest Reason Possible


Family emergencies, scheduling conflicts and unexpected cases of "I never wanted to in the first place" are all fairly common causes for a cancelled social engagement. "Potential cannibalism," on the other hand, is not.

However, that's exactly why the Seattle Aquarium recently called off a planned Valentine's Day "octopus blind date," KOMO News reports.

As part of its annual "Octopus Week" celebration, the aquarium pulls two breeding age octopuses from the adjacent Puget Sound to potentially mate in front of visitors. But this year, the aquarium says it was unable to find a suitably sizable partner for the giant, 70-pound male octopus in its collection.

"Even if we put a 30- or 45-pound female out there, there's a chance he would see her as food," Seattle Aquarium Curator Tim Carpenter told Crosscut. "We were looking for an animal of at least 60, 65 pounds."

Instead, the bachelor they've nicknamed Kong will be released back into the sound on Monday.

As so-called "terminal breeders," giant Pacific octopuses grow for three to five years, mate once and then die. Either way, it sounds like the sort of thing that's best carried out at the bottom of the inky sea.