Overweight Dog Loses Major Pounds — And Is Happier Than Ever

You might remember Vincent the dachshund. If not by name, then more likely by photo.

Last year, pictures of the overweight 7-year-old dog went viral. He was 38 pounds, double the size for his breed - and it showed.

He was surrendered to the Harris County Animal Shelter in Texas weeks after his owner passed away. Health problems that accompanied Vincent's weight included high cholesterol and risk of nerve damage due to the extra pounds, CNN reported.

Vincent's future appeared grim until Mary Tipton, an intake coordinator at K-9 Angels Rescue, saw Vincent at the shelter and knew he deserved a second chance. According to CNN, after Vincent's photo was posted on Facebook, Melissa Anderson, a dachshund rescuer, volunteered to foster Vincent. She wanted to give him love, but also wanted to get him back down to a healthy size.

Anderson told CNN that her first few weeks with Vincent weren't easy.

He was evidently depressed, and threw up healthy food he was given, constantly dealing with upset bowels and being fat-shamed by strangers when taken outside.

"I am not sure what the previous owner fed him, but I think it was all fast food. He was literally detoxing the first week," Anderson told CNN.

But Vincent eventually got used to his new healthy diet, mixed in with an exercise regimen that included water aerobics.

Now, eight months later, all of Vincent's hard work has finally paid off. A recent photo of him shared on his personal Facebook page shows a much slimmer dog who now weighs in at 17 pounds and loves going on his daily walks.

"He is the sweetest, funniest, happiest guy now," Anderson told CNN in a recent interview. Even better, once Vincent reaches his target weight (which he's now a pound and a half away from) he'll be all set for adoption and finding his forever home.

Vincent's really come such a long way ...

... and still remains just as handsome as ever.

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