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The Most Popular Cat Names In Japan

It's pretty clear that Japan loves their cats: February 22 is actually their official "Cat Day."

So in celebration of Neko No Hi (Day of Cats), here are the top cat names in Japan as collected by pet insurance company Anikomu (along with some incredibly adorable photos of kittens).

Topping the list for the girls was Momo, which means "peach," while Luna came in second place.

The top names for female cats also included Hana, which means "flower," and Sakura, which means "cherry blossom."

For the boys, Leo took was one of the most popular.

Cocoa was also in the top 10 for the guys, as was Maru, which means "round," and Fuku, meaning lucky.

But the most popular cat name in Japan, taking the first place spot, was Sora, which means "sky."

Love any of these cat names? Feel free to import them overseas next time you have to name a new feline family member. And don't forget to give your cat a present in honor of Japanese Cat Day!

h/t to Rocketnews

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