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Terrifying Noise In Bedroom Leads Man To Wild Discovery

A man walked into his home to find a window had been broken, and items throughout the house were out of place. There were all the classic signs of a burglary.

Then a noise from upstairs. Banging and a startling racket. The intruder was still in the house ... in the master bedroom.

The homeowner walked down the hall, placed his hand on the door and pushed it open to confront the burglar.

He quickly identified the trespasser as a deer.

"Hi buddy," a voice in the video says. "You're good." The deer then clopped around the hardwood floor for a few steps before hopping up on the bed and resting his feet upon what appears to be a throw pillow.

Luckily, nobody was hurt by the incident, which took place Monday in Jasper, Indiana.

The deer left the house the same way he came in, after doing quite a number on the drywall.

And though the deer walked out of the house empty-handed, homeowners in Jasper County are advised: Secure any family heirlooms and expensive artwork. 'Cuz the deer burglar's still out there, and he's plotting his next heist.