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NGO shows evidence of ruthless slaughter of sea lions by the fisherie Salmonera Yadran

The brutal complaint was presented by the Organization of Rescue and Environmental Conservation, ORCA Chile, after the appearance of 4 photographs which showed the slaughter of a sea lion in the Aysen region.

A crude Facebook post alarmed the organization ORCA Chile on Tuesday afternoon. The photographs showed a male sea lion being hanged by the neck to a vessel belonging to a local salmon fishing company in the Aysen region.

After establishing the first contact with the author of the photographs, the volunteers of the organization agreed to make public a heartbreaking video showing how the company officials get rid of a sea lion that had entered the breeding cages, beat him for more than 20 minutes with iron poles, shovels and an ax.

Constanza Naredo, president of this civil organization said "this is a direct order by the company, we have acknowledged they eliminate at least one of these mammals daily. In fact, by company policy, the workers are forbidden to use cameras or recording devices within the company's areas because they are constantly breaking the the Fisheries and Agriculture Law. "

In the meantime Zico Henriquez, CEO of ORCA, harshly criticized the actions of the workers, "one can understand that economic need can make someone commit a macabre act like this, however, by the extent of torture and the level of calmness of those who participate in this abuse, which we can observe on the videos, we believe this is a repetitive behavior and it does not bother or disturb them in the least."

The director of the organization explained "Today we are able to deliver clear and undeniable proof of what is happening in this center. Unfortunately, in Chile, sentences in the legal field are scarce for these types of crimes, so we hope that we find the support on consumers abroad by not buying or using any of these products, because this is by far the greatest punishment they can receive."