21​ Newly Adopted Pit Bulls On Their Ride Home From The Shelter

<p><a href="https://imgur.com/ubV4xon" target="_blank">Imgur</a></p>
<p><a href="https://imgur.com/ubV4xon" target="_blank">Imgur</a></p>

1. "Adopted another rescue this past weekend. What have we gotten into?"

2. "My newly adopted pit bull, Cam."

3. "Look who just got adopted. Bruce Banner."

4. "Our car ride home from the Humane Society."

5. "Say hello to my newest addition."

6. "Freedom ride ... she was a stray so we don't know anything about her but she's been awesome."

7. "On our way home from being adopted at the local shelter."

8. "We just adopted this lady! Say hello to Pancakes, guys. A former bait dog :( but now she's here in her forever home."

9. "So I adopted this 1 eyed dood today his name is Yukon or Yukie."

10. "Adopted this goofball last week! She wanted to ride in the front with us."

11. "Remy's freedom ride on Saturday ... She was due to be killed at the shelter."

12. "Newly adopted and on her way home :)"

13. "The day my boy adopted me."

14. "Zoey on the day we adopted her! She's been so happy ever since."

15. "Adopted this dude last week. Meet Grant."

16. "On the subway home from the shelter where he'd spent the last 5 months."

17. "On freedom rides from the shelter, you get to sit in my lap. No matter how big you are."

18. "I just picked up this little pup from the shelter. Reddit, meet Champ!"

19. "The drive home from the shelter ... this was their first interaction, and they have been inseparable to this day."

20. "My mom just got this little lady from the shelter! Those eyes."

21. "The very first picture I ever took of my boy Ziggy right after I adopted him from the local shelter."

The Dodo is joining the Huffington Post in celebrating Pit Bull Week, a week-long, community-driven effort to bust the myths and raise awareness about pit bulls, a maligned "breed" that often bears the brunt of dated, discriminatory legislation that can make it near impossible for these dogs to find a forever home.