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Newborn Baby Elephant Found In Cow Herd, Airlifted To Rescue Center

When cow herders in the remote Ndoto Mountains of northern Kenya headed home after grazing their herds for the day, they noticed an unfamiliar charge among the ranks -- a newborn baby elephant, only a few hours old and still attached to his umbilical cord.

Confused at first, the herders realized their guest had started tagging along after the livestock had become entangled with a herd of elephants. In the frenzy, the bewildered calf mistakenly followed the livestock instead of his mother, following them home with the herders. A member of the Samburu community cared for the little elephant overnight, and then, in a show of incredible devotion to wildlife, set off on a 24-hour journey by foot down the mountainside to find help.

He finally contacted the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which quickly dispatched a helicopter to retrieve the animal.

Weighing only 110 pounds, the calf was brought to the Trust's nursery and given medical attention and milk.

He was given the name Ndotto, after the place where he was found. Now, he's on the road to recovery.

See footage of the rescue below:

Considering how unusual -- and expensive -- this rescue operation was, the Trust is now asking for donations to support Ndotto's recovery. Visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's site to donate to support his care.