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These Beautiful Dogs Are Minutes From The End Of Their Lives [UPDATE]

<p><em>Second Chance Rescue</em><span></span></p>

6/9/2016 4 p.m.: Toronto is safe! Second Chance Rescue pulled him from the shelter at the last minute and needs help paying his medical bills.

To help support Toronto on his journey to a real home, you can make a donation here:

Fundraising Websites - Crowdrise

Thanks to the hard work of people at Second Chance Rescue and Animal Care Centers of NYC , neither dog is facing euthanization.

6/8/2016 3 p.m.: Smokey has been pulled from the shelter. The other dog, Toronto, has been given an extension. He now needs an adopter by Thursday at noon. If you're interested in giving Toronto a forever home, Second Chance Rescue can pull him from the shelter once they have an adopter in the NYC area. Fill out the application here. Or you can apply directly to Animal Care Centers of NYC here.

Everything about these dogs suggests a thirst for life.

Smokey loves children, enjoys the company of all kinds of little animals: birds, cats, turtles, even a rabbit. Given as a gift to his former owner as a baby, he's just 10 months old now.

Second Chance Rescue

Toronto poses for pictures like a rockstar. He play bows and wags his tail for everyone. He's used to being a star. And he's eager to please.

Second Chance Rescue

And yet, Smokey and Toronto both find themselves, literally at the end of their leash. The dogs - both pit bull mixes - are scheduled to be put down today at Animal Care Centers of NYC (NYACC).

This is the last call for two dogs in the prime of their lives.

Think you can be the lifeline they so desperately need?

Second Chance Rescue can pull either dog once they have an adopter in the NYC area.

Fill out an application here and email them asap at apps@nycsecondchancerescue.org with your location and details about your interest in fostering or adopting.

Watch a video of Toronto below: