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New Species Of Dancing Peacock Spider Discovered

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A new species of Peacock spider has been discovered in Western Australia - and along with it, a fancy new dance.

The previously undiscovered arachnid, Maritus avibus, like the 42 other species in its genus, is noted for its remarkably complex courtship displays and colorful abdominal flaps which it shakes and shimmies to impress potential mates.

Researchers Jürgen Otto and David Hill recorded this footage of the new spider's dance, described as "distinct" from those seen in other peacock spider species. Despite all his effort, the eager male's romantic display in this case didn't pay off, unfortunately.

"The male never got lucky. Why? The female he was courting was actually one of a different species, and an immature one too, so he had no chances," writes Otto. "Isn't it strange that these spiders are getting tricked so easily into wasting all their energy and risking their lives just in pursuit of sex, perhaps not."