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New Need For Speed Is Finally Coming In 2017

If we ask you, which is the best racing game of all times, more than 90% of you will answer Need for Speed. It certainly is one of the most appealing games ever. It has been among us more than a decade and brought some of the best versions ever developed. Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Carbon, Underground, Hot Pursuit and many other sequels were our favorite games of this genre. Sadly, EA Games didn't release the new sequel in 2016. They claim they will release it in 2017.

Rumors about Need for Speed 2017

At this moment, the name of the game isn't actually known. There are some pre-launch versions at the unblocked games but they are just a similarity and a guess. The 2017 Need for Speed is still in development, as we know and there are some final modifications. EA Games announced that some gamers, members of the community are participating in the development and they are a key element for adding new features and making the game an even better. Yes, this is possible.

EA Games launches a new version of Need for Speed franchise each year, but they decided to take a break and skip the entire year. This may be a good thing and we may actually get a game that offers a lot of completely new features, rather than just some, minor improvements. Off the record, the launch time is the middle of 2017. The game will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox.

Interesting infographics

EA Games announced a data collected from the research they conducted and which was based on determining how popular Need for Speed has been over the years. The results are shocking, in the lack of a better world. We all know that this is a game to play and we all played it, but this data is more than just impressive. All sequels have been taken into consideration.

In total figures, gamers have earned 2.5 trillion dollars in the game. If we know that most races will award you with 1.000 in-game money, this is a huge number. We also know that car customization has an important role in the game, and for most players, it is the main element of the game itself. Some sequels such as Underground II offered amazing customization possibilities, therefore they were perfect for gamers who wanted to make their cars better than ever. But, in total numbers, 16 million hours have been invested into car customization only!

Each player has between 2 and 3 cars (the exact number is 2.7) and each car has to be perfectly customized. Let's face it. Most gamers play this game due to the cars that are available in the game. Maybe we cannot afford them in real life, but in the game, we can.

New cars in Need for Speed 2017

The biggest question is which cars are going to be available in the 2017 sequel. EA Games still refuse to announce this fact, but we have some information regarding this fact. A must have a car, in the game obviously is going to be Bugatti Chiron. This is a real car that was launched a few months ago and it produces 1500HP!

Ferrari LaFerrari is going to be the next best car. It produces almost 1000HP, so it will be desirable. Don't forget Porsche 918, McLaren P1, Ferrari 488, Camaro and the new Corvette. We also believe that Aston Martin cars are going to be available in the game. Maybe Aston Martin Vulcan will be included, which would be the main desire of us many. If you are fan of driving games in general make sure you also visit the Bus-Games website.