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New Fund Supports Activists Facing Hardship

A new fund has been established to support conservationists that face personal hardship. The initiative, set up by The Black Fish, aims support those who are active in marine conservation work, when help is most needed.

Wietse van der Werf, founder of The Black Fish: "This is all about supporting those who have made the marine conservation movement strong. People often volunteer for organisations for years, with little reward. We believe it is important we recognise this involvement and give back to those in need. Even though the Hardship Fund primarily supports people within our own community, increasingly we are extending this support to those working for other other organisations and in other parts of the world."

What can I expect from the fund? The Hardship Fund can help you in different ways. Initially we will always look for practical ways to assist. The Black Fish community is creative and resourceful and the Fund's patrons have a large network of people that are ready to help. Financial support would typically consist of a one-off 500 euro grant. Depending on the circumstances we may consider a second grant or a larger one-off contribution.

Let us help you. See how the Hardship Fund can help you or someone you care about.