Dogs Thanked For Friendship And Loyalty In Most Beautiful Festival

A special festival celebrates the love of dogs.

In Nepal, Hindus celebrate Diwali, a festival of lights celebrated by millions every year in the fall in India, Nepal and elsewhere. Specific to Nepal's parties, though, is a day dedicated to dogs, called Kukur Tihar.

This photo showing dogs wearing floral garlands at the festival was catching clicks on Reddit recently.

The beautiful image prompted other dog lovers to share photos of their dogs celebrating being the beautiful creatures they are.

The garlands are a sign of respect for the animals.


The images honoring the animals are truly breathtaking.

People on social media drew the comparison as well, giving heartbroken dog lovers a reason to feel hopeful again.

Some people, seeing these images, decided to adorn their own pups in flowers.

Posts from all over the world echoed the sentiments of Nepal.

Now that's how animals should be treated.

We can hear your sighs of relief for humanity from here.