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Neighbor Takes Revenge On Pit Bull For Crossing His Yard

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Mya the pit bull is a typical 1-year-old pup, goofy and playful with a personality that wins over everyone she meets.

Everyone, that is, except her family's neighbor, 43-year-old Andrew Freisinger, who, according to Mya's mom Nicole Keezer, has a "personal vendetta" against the dog.

On September 6, Mya got loose and ran through the yard of his home in Epping, New Hampshire - so Freisinger pulled out his gun and shot her in the face.

Freisinger claimed Mya was being aggressive and he was only acting in defense of his family and his chickens ... but the police disagree. After interviewing both Freisinger and Mya's family, police concluded Mya wasn't actually aggressive.

She wasn't running toward Freisinger at all, according to her family, she was just running back home. "She's the biggest lover," Keezer told the Union Leader.

Freisinger was charged with animal cruelty and reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon. Mya was rushed to a nearby animal hospital.

The bullet went through her cheek, and during surgery, part of her tongue had to be removed. "For awhile I thought I was going to lose my baby, my best friend, my comforter," Keezer wrote on a fundraising page she set up to help cover the costs of Mya's care.

Thankfully, Mya is recovering well from the surgery and is beginning to regain her strength and confidence. "Mya is doing better and better everyday," Keezer posted in an update. "We still need to keep her on wet food and away from any toys and treats which she is not liking one bit but hopefully just for a few more days."

Sadly, dogs like Mya are unfairly targeted just for being pit bulls - but in this case at least, Mya will get justice ... and hopefully soon she'll be back to playing with her toys.