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Neglected Sheep Finally Finds The Love He Needs To Survive

He was sick, exhausted, infested with maggots and totally alone in the world when he was spotted wandering a field in Victoria, Australia.

Luckily, while no one is sure how he got there, the field where he was wandering happened to be near an animal sanctuary.

"Meet Horace," wrote Pete Crosbie, of Australia's Willowite Animal Sanctuary, last week. "He is another example of how bad luck and good luck are simply two sides of the same coin."

Horace, like all Merino sheep, has been bred to produce large amounts of fine wool, and even a little neglect can lead to infection, maggots and terrible pain. Sadly, because of the sheer numbers of sheep used for wool in Australia, many of the sheep end up being treated less than delicately.

Crosbie brought Horace to the sanctuary and rescue workers immediately got to work carefully shearing Horace of his painful wool.

"He lay quietly while we sheared him, treated the maggots and administered antibiotics, vitamins and amino acids via injection," Crosbie wrote on Facebook. "Though quite anemic and weak we are very hopeful this beautiful boy will make a full recovery."

Horace also met a new friend, Ruben the rooster.

Already, the impacts of love and kindness are starting to show. Dressed in a snazzy new jacket, Horace is gaining energy.

"Horace is up and about, eating and pooweeing," Crosbie wrote on January 28, just a couple of days after his rescue. "Anyone who cares for sick animals knows how good it feels to say that."

It seems the weight of Horace's old life, which would have ended in slaughter, was lifting off his shoulders.

As the Roman poet, also named Horace, once wrote, "Who then is free? The wise man who can command himself." And now, also, Horace.