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Animal Rescuer Wakes Up To Containers On Her Driveway

A note said they were taken from a neighbor's home.

On Tuesday morning, a member of a local animal rescue came across various containers left on her driveway. Holes were punched into the lids, suggesting that something living dwelled inside - something that needed air to survive.

The containers discovered | Facebook/Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

What the woman found inside the containers was shocking - nearly 20 neglected rabbits, $50 and an anonymous letter.

"These rabbits were left with a computer-typed note stating they were taken from a neighbor's property without consent, and housed at a friend's house and then she trespassed/abandoned the rabbits on my private property," Rhode Island's Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue wrote on Facebook.

Two out of three baby rabbits within the group were dead - one had no ears. There were Angoras who hadn't had a proper grooming session in a long time, which is necessary for the long-haired breed.

"They were severely matted, meaning their hair was clumped in various locations," Joe Warzycha, animal cruelty investigator for the Rhode Island SPCA, told local news outlet NBC 10. "They had sores on the bottom of their feet. Some of them had open wounds. I do this job because I love animals so when you see an animal suffering it's always very difficult."

The rabbit with missing ears, nicknamed Nubs | Facebook/Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Twelve of the 16 rabbits were kept in Sweet Binks' care, while the others were transferred to the Scituate Animal Shelter for treatment.

The mother of the baby rabbits. She only has one surviving child she is taking good care of, according to the rescue. | Facebook/Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

On Wednesday, Sweet Binks shared photos of severely the matted Angora rabbits - before and after they were groomed.

"Probably one of the worse cases of Angora neglect we have seen and we have seen a lot of bad cases," Sweet Binks wrote in regards to one white rabbit. "Her right arm was like a flipper, the chest matting was so bad she could not touch the floor."

However, by the time she was shaved down, she looked like a completely new rabbit.

For another Angora rabbit, the rescue noted that as soon as he was shaved down ...

... he immediately started "munching" and cleaning all of the places on his body he was previously unable to reach.

Currently, the Rhode Island SPCA is investigating the case of animal neglect and aren't looking to pursue abandonment charges. Sweet Binks told NBC 10 that the recovery outlook for the rabbits is good for the most part.

A rescued rabbit found with bite wounds on his body | Facebook/Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

"These buns feel the love and are on the road to getting healthy, clean and hopefully future great homes," Sweet Binks wrote.

Want to help Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue with the ongoing care of these neglected rabbits? Consider making a donation here.

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