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National Parents Day - July 27, 2014

Animal protection organization, FOUR PAWS International, recognizes that twenty years ago today, President Bill Clinton signed into law, the declaration (unanimously adopted by the U.S. Congress) of the fourth Sunday of every July, ‘Parent's Day'.

According to this Congressional Resolution, Parent's Day, which is observably similar to Mother's Day and Father's Day, was established for "recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role parents play in the rearing of children," The foundation behind Parent's Day was to encourage civic and elected officials to promote responsible parenting in our society.

Despite the premise of this National declaration being that for humans and their children, Parent's Day should also represent the promotion of responsible parenting -- by pet owners. We, as their owners, are in fact, the ones responsible for raising and nurturing them.

Most issues in which our communities face with regard to animals, are a direct result of pet owner irresponsibility -- dogs running loose, unvaccinated pets, pets absent adequate training, socialization and/or supervision, and illegal, unlicensed, or nuisance pets.

Much like the precedent that was set by President's Clinton's signing of this declaration, Parent's Day is a reminder that every ‘parent' has the duty to develop those for which they are responsible, into law abiding, valuable, and happy beings.