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Napping Cat Suddenly Finds Himself Surrounded By ... RATS!

Well, this is awkward.

Cats might like to imagine themselves as fearsome little house tigers, ruling over their domestic domains with a ready paw full of sharpened claws. But in reality, it seems they mostly prefer to sleep.

Twitter user nekonoboris recently decided to call out this kitty's less-than-predatory instincts in a series of photos posted online showing him pitted against a horde of toy rats.


At first, that napping feline appears totally oblivious to the stuffed animals placed upon him.

Sure enough though, as the rodent army grows, the cat suddenly takes notice - but alas, not action.


And the stuffed rats keep coming, ultimately burying the kitty in a mound of plush toys made to resemble his mortal enemy.

An observant viewer will note the cat's position between the first and last photo hasn't changed, suggesting that not even the most half-hearted of defenses was ever attempted.


Even if some cats aren't the hardy hunters they're often made out to be (in their own mind, anyway), somehow that grand disillusion only makes them all the more lovable.

Check out nekonoboris's photo set in its entirety on Twitter.