Soccer Player Dedicates Winning Goal To His Dog — With One Special Move

This is amore.

A professional soccer player just gave new meaning to bringing your dog to work.

On Saturday, Dries Mertens, a forward for SSC Napoli, beloved soccer team of Naples, Italy, scored two goals against Rome, winning Saturday's match.

After the first goal, it wasn't entirely clear what the player meant when he ran to the corner of the field, stopped and got down on all fours.

Indeed, when he lifted his leg and pretended to relieve himself on the field, it looked a lot like an insult.

But, after the game, Mertens said that the goal was dedicated to his dog, Juliette.

The explanation isn't so far-fetched, since Mertens is a huge dog-lover and advocate of adoption.

The player's Instagram account is full of pictures of his beloved dog. They show the player taking the dog for walks through the ancient city and driving her all along the coast of southern Italy.

It's pretty clear Mertens and his dog have fallen in love with the city. When the Belgian player returned to Naples to prepare for the start of the season, he posted a picture of Juliette with the iconic Neapolitan volcano, Vesuvius, in the background, writing, "Feels good to be back home!"

So perhaps Saturday's move was just a loving tribute to his dog.

But considering the longtime rivalry between Naples and Rome, it was probably a tribute to the city he loves, too.

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