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Pit Bull From Viral Video Still Hasn't Found The Right Family

<p>Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue</p>

If you love dog stories, you probably know Nala's - but her narrative doesn't have the perfect happy ending just yet.

Nala was found on the streets, trying to survive on her own. | Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

Nala, who was found wandering the streets all alone, was brought to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, a shelter in New Zealand. She just sat in her cage, too sad and scared to get close to anyone.

At first, Nala just sat in her cage, too scared to get close to anyone. | Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

"This girl arrived with us a few weeks ago. She had been wandering the streets for some time and was extremely shut down and terrified," Abbey van der Plas, who runs the shelter, posted on Facebook back in March. "I spent her entire first and second day sitting on the floor trying to gain her trust. I took hours and hours of footage trying to catch 'the moment' that she decided to trust me."

Van der Plas brought Zach, her 7-year-old son, in to help. What happens as soon as Nala sees Zach come into the room is truly incredible - and the moment has made its rounds all around the world.

Nala sees Zach for the first time. | Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

The moment Nala sees Zach, she totally transforms.

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue
Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

But even though Nala's story and video was viewed thousands and thousands of times, Nala still hasn't found a home.

"I'm not really sure why Nala hasn't found a home yet," van der Plas told The Dodo. "She's had a heap of applications from the USA and Australia but not many from New Zealand and none that have been suitable."

Nala and Zach. | Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

Nala has some separation anxiety after everything she went through, van der Plas explained: "She needs a compassionate owner who is around often and that's going to help her overcome it."

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue

"She has already come so far," van der Plas said. "She just needs that perfect person that can take her the rest of the way."

To learn how you can adopt Nala, click here.

Check out another video about a pit bull who is learning to trust again:

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