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My rescue gave up on me and wanted me euthanized!

When a "rescue" group pulls a dog they don't know a dogs history, I understand that. I also see all the hard work they put into rescuing one of these dogs. The part I don't understand is these rescues in all their self-righteous glory will lie, cheat and steal or just flat out disregard their responsibility to the animal they just saved!

I adopted a dog from a reputable rescue only to get the dog home and find out he has a heart murmur and had been returned to the rescue by other adopters at least 2 other times for aggressive behavior. I knew his past so I was prepared to have to work with the dog to earn his trust. I would have still adopted the dog had the rescue been honest in the beginning. Why hide things? Is that fair to the dog? Is that fair to the adopter?

I am also a foster home for another rescue. I have had a dog for 6 months and the dog has some major emotional issues. I have had him vetted and asked the vet for puppy prozac at the rescues request. The vet said no because the dog has some health issues that needed to be addressed. I was never able to get the support of the rescue to get these tests done to find out the dogs health issues. The rescue abandoned us. I would always check in every month telling the rescue how the dog is struggling. They decided to give me the option to have him euthanized. Never have they offered to move him nor did they give me permission to get him properly vetted. They also sent me a crate to put the dog in after I told them how the dog eats his way out of crates, pulls his hair, poops himself, and just has an absolute meltdown if crated. Well, the rescue sent a crate that the dog cannot get out of. They called it Fort Knox. How will that help anything? I guess I should first have him euthanized and then put him in Fort Knox because he certainly won't have a meltdown when I put him in there.

I took it upon myself to find another rescue who has the knowledge and room to work with a dog they think may be suffering from PTSD. The current rescue was notified and asked to have him vetted and sign him over to me and I would in turn sign him over to the new rescue. Rather than do what's best, they are playing games so the dog is still suffering because the rescue thinks he is a problem and that I am a bitch so they are going to make the dog pay! I know how petty some rescues can be, so rather than say what rescue was going to take him, I decided to let the rescue decide if they wanted to make contact with the original rescue.

The dog still sits here depending on me for his survival. Should the original rescue get their hands on him, we fear they may make good on their offer to euthanize. He is a problem. He is work and how will this help the ever growing ego of the rescue?

Here is how I see rescue. Ego first, highschool petty shit second, bitty old women with nothing better to do than try to control others, third. What about the dogs?

I write this knowing I am prepared to go to jail for this dog. The original rescue needs to think twice when pulling a dog with problems because they can't just throw it in a foster home and leave it to the foster to deal with.

*dog pictured is not the dog I am speaking of. This is another dog who I foster failed and 2 days after writing a 300.00 check for her and her bonded sister both over 10 years old, she ruptured a disk in her neck and another rescue turned their backs on her because I wouldn't take her to their hospital for sugery. 5800.00 later, she is doing great and 1 of the board members stepped up and helped. She did a fundraiser but I bet she donated most of the money raised out of her own pocket. There are still a few good people in rescue who are in it for the right reasons!*