My Rescue Dog: 12 Pounds Of Joy

I love dogs. And I love people who love dogs ... and cats.

My Jack Russell Terrier, Mary, is the most fabulous little being and has brought much happiness to my life. She has beautiful brown eyes and her only fault is that she really has it out for frogs and chipmunks. Twelve pounds of pure joy.

I adopted her about five years ago from Pet Rescue, an organization that finds homes for dogs and cats abandoned in high-kill states. Mary was one of those dogs and she would have been euthanized in N.C. if it weren't for Pet Rescue.

Thanks to Mary I've gotten involved in fundraising for Pet Rescue to help all the dogs and cats out there that have fallen on hard times.

It's a worthy pursuit; one that Mary approves of. How do I know? Because she tells me, of course.

To find out how you can help, go to