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My babies are my dogs.

I have owned many animals through my life. Most died of old age, one in a terrible accident cutting wood. as I got older most people don't like American Staffordshire terriers ( APBT's) and for that reason is why I chose to be an owner of one to fight for there breed. November 26 2007 my husband got me an APBT for a Christmas present. I did the one thing you never do with dogs like that or for that matter any dog. I pick my Angel aka momma out over the phone. when we got to pick her up Angel was the only one of 6 puppies that ran to me. After Angel was about 1 1/2 I was told about the cruelty that another male APBT was going through every day, and what they were feeding him cause it was cheaper than dog food. Fish food is Not something Dogs eat!! I talked to the family of that poor baby and found out that they were going to have to put hi down cause they couldn't have him. I took advantage of that at that moment I told them I would take him. 2 days later I was a 30lb underweight manual nourished dirty APBT. First thing he got was a bath which he loved, a real bowl of dog food that had added things to help him with all that he didn't have and Lots of love. Angel and Brujo got along great they were best buddies where one went so did the other. Then when every thing so looking up for all of us. My MS got really bad I fell in the hallway for are trailer house and something snapped. Most people think that all animals when you fall or get on the ground you want to play, not these two. Angel went and brought me my cell phone that was on computer table so I could call someone to help me. My sister in law was the only one they would allow to just walk in the house unless of cores it was dad. She came to help me up and they wouldn't let her she was my balance but my two self trained babies did what they needed for me at the right moment. Brujo started having big problems with his hips again so I did what I could to try to take the pain away. I gave him the best year He probable had since he was a puppy. before he left my husband and I he had a litter of puppies with momma Princess the one of the puppies had bad allegories to food, and weeds. No one wanted her because of that which was good. Before her dad died he taught her the things that she needed to know to help me when and if things got bad with my MS. She learned really quick how to open up doors, turn on lights, as well as how to keep mom warm. I love those dogs like I do my kids and I treated and taught them the same as I would my kids. They knew what they could and couldn't do they knew the boundaries that were set for them so they could go to the stores etc. with me. I miss them so much I had to give them up because of a landlord that Lied to me about being able to keep them because of what they were and what they did for me and my husband. To this day I do not like her because she is a liar and I don't do very well with people like that.

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