The Reason This Cow Is So Insanely Muscular

This bull is one extraordinarily ripped individual.

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He's a Belgian Blue bull, a breed of cattle raised for beef, and, unfortunately, he's a symbol of just how far people will go to make a buck.

Belgian Blues have a naturally occurring mutation called "double-muscling" - they are selected and bred by the meat industry to perpetuate this mutation and thus produce more meat.

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And while Belgian Blues are still alive, they aren't comfortable. Their enormous condition can cause serious disorders.

Pregnant Belgian Blues often have severe birth complications. Ninety percent of moms need caesarean sections, and many moms and calves die during birth. Calves who survive birth sometimes still die within 48 hours, because their hearts suddenly stop.

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So, this guy is a jaw-dropping sight, for sure.

But he's just one of many others like him, with a number instead of a name.