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Curious Mountain Lion Tries To Meet Little House Cat

<p> <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnmxg4h_Mio" target="_blank">YouTube/MabeInAmerica</a> </p>

This odd pair had a very unusual run-in.

YouTuber Tom Mabe uploaded a video this weekend of a cat staring down a large mountain lion. Taken in Boulder, Colorado, the video shows the house cat watching comfortably as the mountain lion tries to paw open a sliding glass door.


The house cat can be heard meowing quietly as the mountain cat places his huge paw on the glass, trying to find a way inside.


Mountain lions are usually quite shy, but in this case it seems his curiosity about his smaller cousin - or his desire for a quick meal - helped him to overcome his fear. Once the mountain lion sees there's a human in the room, though, his shyness returns and he lopes back to his forest home.

You can watch the full encounter below.