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Sloth Is Definitely Not Sorry He's Making Everyone Late For Work

There are a few facts that ring true in this world, one being that sloths are incredibly slow-moving animals. Another is that sloths are so committed to moving at their own pace, they couldn't care less if they end up stopping traffic, as was the case with one lost sloth in Ecuador who clung to a pole until help arrived.

This particular sloth from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, however, was wasting no time in crossing a busy road.


Too bad his idea of fast and furious wasn't matching everyone else's expectations.


One of the highlights of this video is the moment the sloth looks up at the camera directly, as if he's questioning why so many people have suddenly gathered around him, because as far as he knows, this is just another ordinary day. He's probably not used to such a large audience.


Even better is how this sloth actually gets across the road at the very end. Check out the clip below to see the highly efficient helping hand that comes to his aid.

Satisfy your craving for more cute sloth doings things (like interrupt traffic) by watching this clip about the sloth from Ecuador below.