Devoted Elephant Mom Spends 11 Hours Digging Her Baby Out Of A Well

She couldn't rest until she knew he was safe.

A mother elephant will do almost anything to protect her calf, and here's proof.

One Asian elephant struggled to free her young baby from a deep well in India's Chatra district. A group of villagers came across the giant pachyderm frantically trying to reach the calf, but only managing to push more dirt into the hole.

The rescue was slow-going ...

YouTube/Caters TV
YouTube/Caters TV

Her efforts continued through the night for some 11 hours, the U.K.'s Express News reports.

... but she refused to give up.

YouTube/Caters TV
YouTube/Caters TV

The heartbreaking story has a happy ending. Concerned villagers rushed to the frantic parent's aid, distracting the mother with a truck full of bananas and then removing the sand so that the mother could pluck her baby out of the well with her trunk.

See the elephant's attempts to rescue her calf below:

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