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Mother Donkey Refuses To Leave Her Injured Baby's Side

She waited nervously while rescuers helped them out.

When a baby donkey was severely injured, her mom refused to leave her side, no matter what, until she was finally safe.

Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue organization in India, got a call about a baby donkey who had been attacked by another animal. The poor little donkey was covered in bites, and her wounds were severe.

Some people in the area had noticed the little donkey's injuries and tried to help by covering her in turmeric powder, which they thought would stop the bleeding, but it wasn't enough. The donkey's mother had no idea what to do and kept nuzzling and prodding her, desperate to help.

Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited came to take the donkey to get treated, and her mother began to panic, worried that they were trying to take her baby away from her ...

... and so they took her along, too.

Her rescuers immediately set about treating her wounds ...

... and her mom stayed nearby the entire time. After a while, she seemed to understand that these people were trying to save her baby, and she was no longer afraid.

The baby's wounds were severe, but with lots of love and attention, she finally began to heal, and miraculously, made a full recovery.

Her rescuers named her Genevieve, and love watching her run and play with confidence now that she's all better - with her mom always close by, of course.

Check out the full video of Genevieve's rescue below: