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Brave Mama Dog Risks Everything To Save Her Babies

When her babies were in danger, this mama dog's instincts kicked in.

In footage released by Israeli rescue organization Let Live Israel yesterday, the mother attempts to rescue her litter from a vicious flood - the result of severe weather in Israel last weekend.

The 12 pups had slipped into a small space below the foundation of an Israeli military building, a space too tiny for humans to access themselves. So Mom went in - at the risk of getting stuck herself.

Facebook/Let Live

Facebook/Let Live

And sure enough, she emerged with several pups in tow.

Facebook/Let Live

Facebook/Let Live

According to a translated Facebook post about the rescue, the mother dog managed to save seven of her children. Five babies were lost in the flood.

The shelter also urged readers to adopt its current animals in order to make room for new rescues, citing its full facility and a constant stream of new arrivals from the recent storms.

The seven surviving puppies are currently undergoing medical treatment. They will eventually be available for adoption.

Watch the daring rescue in full below.