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Mosquitoes & Gutters - This is Not Your Typical Love Story

Mosquitoes think of us sweet.

They like being around us, like our appearance, our smell. They are social - hanging out with humans is common. But don't get flattered when the Dracula's pet insects seek your presence. They only find you attractive because you are to them as a living being with active blood stream is to an organism that feeds on blood - food.

Their love for us is not shared by any means. The "kiss" of a mosquito is rather annoying, itchy, sometimes painful and could bring allergies up in certain people. Not only that - mosquitoes are never cautious when in contact with other people - they carelessly transmit various diseases, including the WNV(West Nile Virus) and Malaria! Scientists and doctors have concluded - neither of these diseases is cool.

So what do people do to deserve these selfish monsters deprived from common moral?

Well, according to the independent research of these guys from Wandsworth, London - we warmly invite them to our homes and provide them with the perfect breeding conditions. And unfortunately we don't do that because we are genuinely concerned for their existence, but rather because the majority of people in the UK tend to neglect the place mosquitoes find most comfortable to lay eggs at.

Here's the deal:

Mosquitoes' survival requires water. Not just in terms of drinking. Throughout their life cycle these blood robbers experience the 4 typical for all flies stages of development - egg, larval, pupal and adult. The adults are the ones that fly around and recklessly feed on human blood in their savage manner. But the three other stages are entirely developed in water. Stagnant fresh water that is. And what is the most common place in your home with stagnant fresh water? Correct - the clogged gutters you refuse to unplug and clean. But no one blames you - it's not an easy job to clean gutters, it requires ladders and a brave heart.

Female mosquitoes seek either stagnant waters or aquatic plants to lay their eggs in/on. The first 5 to 14 days of a mosquito's life cycle is spent entirely in water. Larvae hatch and feed on microorganisms underwater, then they become pupae inside of which the glorious adult mosquitoes grow and later on gallantly emerge.

Having time to nicely rot, all the leaves that were actually the reason for your gutters to get clogged in the first place are now providing the innocent larvae with all they would ever need as a food resource. And all of this happens right above your window. Probably right now, while you're reading this.


If you want to prevent the invasion before it happened - Clean. Your. Gutters. It is usually recommended to clean them at least twice a year. If no branches and leaves are filling them then there would be no stagnant water for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs in and soon after feed on your children.

Advice: after every rain, roam around the house and scan for swarms nearby your gutters - the swarms are usually visible from a close distance. If you notice one take precautions such as mosquito repellents. There are even some plants that will do like the catnip for example. Mosquito generations could come one after the other very quickly if the weather is warm. So after taken precautions for the swarm you just found you better start considering an immediate gutter clearance because you are responsible for the mosquito invasion as well!