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More Abuse: Carriage Horse Forced To Work Through Heat Wave In Spite Of NYPD Orders

Animal advocates are calling for a horse carriage driver's license after she was spotted working in New York City during an NYPD imposed suspension due to heat.

Christina Hansen, who is also a spokesperson for the industry, was spotted and filmed operating her carriage at 1:54 pm last Wednesday on the corner of 59th St. and 6th Ave., over an hour after the suspension was announced at 12:37 pm. There were no other carriages operating in the city that day.

City law strictly prohibits carriages from operating when temperatures are 90 degrees and above, because the heat and humidity can put the animals at risk of dehydration and stroke. The animal rights group NYCLASS is now calling on the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to revoke Hansen's license.

This isn't the only incident when a horse has been exposed to terrible conditions in the last week -- on Thursday, one Twitter user snapped a photo of a carriage horse standing in a thunderstorm, without any protection from the rain.

You can sign a petition to ban horse carriages in NYC here.

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