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Mother Moose Saves Baby From Drowning Just In Time

This little moose calf nearly drowned - but his mother knew just how to save him.

A group of people were watching a mother moose wade through a river when the young calf who was following her began to flounder. It's unclear whether he was caught on something or just tuckered out, but he began to panic, thrashing around and struggling to pull himself out onto a nearby floating log.

Though it was painful to watch, the people stood back, trying not to interfere with nature as they watched the calf cry out. The mother moose stayed near him, pacing back and forth and swimming up to nuzzle him.

Finally, after 10 minutes of watching, the people were ready to jump in and help him themselves. But just then, the mother moose stepped in, somehow telling her calf to follow her and leading him back around the log to an embankment where he could safely clamber out.

After resting on the bank, the tired calf followed his mom back into the forest. You can watch a clip of the incident below.

While it can be hard to avoid interfering in situations like this, it was likely an important teaching moment for the young calf. Moose are excellent swimmers and their survival often depends of navigating rivers and lakes, so it's crucial for them to learn early how to be comfortable in water. Of course, sometimes learning involves some scary moments - but as this encounter shows, mother usually knows best.