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Amazing Footage Shows Giant 'Monster' Lizard Swimming Through Ocean

Unless you're a piece of algae or seaweed, you have nothing to worry about from the so-called "Godzilla" lizard who wanders the shores of the Galapagos Islands.

The marine iguana has recently gained attention after footage of his unusual underwater life made its rounds on the internet.

YouTube/Steve Winkworth

People have compared the lizards to monsters, and it's not the first time the marine iguana has gotten a bad rap. Back in the 1800s, Charles Darwin referred to them in his journal as "imps of darkness ... disgusting, clumsy lizards."

But what exactly makes these herbivores so "monstrous?"

Well, it could have something to do with how these human-sized lizards creep on all fours.

YouTube/Steve Winkworth

But that's just so they can get up close to that delicious green stuff.

YouTube/Steve Winkworth

It could also be how they swim in an eerily human way - if people had massive tails that acted as a propellers.

YouTube/Steve Winkworth

Whatever the reason people fear the marine iguana, they pose no danger to humans.

In fact, they're a little silly. Like humans, marine iguanas frequently sneeze to clear out their nostrils, except, instead of pollen, they're getting the salt out of their noses. The salt often collects on the tops of their heads, which results in something that resembles a wig.

This is what a marine iguana sneeze looks like.

YouTube/Sergei A. Polozov

Nevertheless, the lizard will probably still frighten a few excitable humans. The marine iguanas don't mind. They're too busy foraging for plants in their beautiful ocean home to worry about name-calling.

YouTube/Steve Winkworth

Watch the complete footage below.