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Monsanto: The Company That's Killing Us

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From fast food to the pesticides sprayed on crops, American food is the definition of unhealthy. A company called Monsanto is largely responsible for this unhealthy food.

From 1965 to 1969, Monsanto made Agent Orange, a chemical used to defoliate the trees of the Vietnam Jungle. Monsanto still uses a form of Agent Orange, called 2,4-D, today as a pesticide.

If the fact alone that Agent Orange is being sprayed on food isn't horrible enough, the side effects are even worse.

Monsanto food has so many side effects because all of it is genetically modified. Genetically modified crops (GM) are illegal in 60+ other countries including Australia, Japan, China and all of the European Union; however, here in the U.S., 90% of corn is GM and 91% of soybeans are GM.

These GM plants lead to herbicide and pesticide resistant weeds and insects which reduce sustainability and make farming harder. While some insects learn how to adapt to the pesticides, some don't.

Some insects, like bees, can't adapt. Bees can't adapt to these pesticides due to a chemical in them called neonicotinoids that are lethal to honey bees. Human existence relies on bees. We need them to pollinate every food we eat. Even the animals rely on pollinated plants to survive. Even Einstein himself said that if bees go extinct humanity has 10 years left of survival.

However, some companies, specifically Monsanto, can't see the importance of bees over their profits. The pesticides Monsanto uses on their GM plants are contributing to the extinction of bees.

Additionally, cows are being affected by Monsanto chemicals. In order to encourage growth in their cows Monsanto injects them with hormones. Eventually these hormones catch up with humans and cause issues such as early puberty and even forms of cancer.

Similarly, GM crops themselves have been known to cause illnesses in both animals and humans. Some of these illnesses include gluten disorders, tumors, cancer, birth defects, Autism, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's.

Generally, wheat and soybeans are regarded as being healthy foods, but many people don't know that Monsanto wheat and soybeans can cause obesity or any number of other health problems.

Wheat and whole wheat are most people's idea of healthy, but because of how it's modified, it is truly an appetite stimulant. This means that the wheat will not be filling and cause an increased hunger.

Additionally, wheat has properties that make it highly addictive. When the proteins in wheat are digested they form smaller proteins called polypeptides or exorphins that behave like endorphins from a runner's high. These proteins get right into the bloodstream and cause an addiction akin to a crack addiction according to Dr.William Davis, author of the bestselling book "Wheat Belly". Besides the obvious reasoning of any addiction being bad, these proteins can cause schizophrenia or autism.

In the same way the wheat is unhealthy, soybeans are too. Due to the different DNA added into Monsanto crops variations in soybean seeds can set off allergic reactions in sensitive people.

While allergic reactions are bad enough, Monsanto soybeans can also cause infant mortality and birth defects. In tests done on rats that were fed GM soybeans, the third generation of rats were found to have very high mortality rates and many of the rats were sterile or infertile. While animals and humans are different, it is very possible that GM crops are causing the same effects in humans.

Aside from health and animal risks, Monsanto is hurting the economy. As Monsanto's monopoly on crops grows, small farmers are pushed out of business. Due to how fast the modified crops can grow, the prices can be made so low that local organic farmers cannot compete. Additionally, Monsanto has been known to let their modified crop seeds blow into other farmers' fields, ruining their unmodified crops.

Despite all the bad of Monsanto, their modified crops have some use in that because they grow faster they provide more food. This one benefit does not change the fact that the company Monsanto is largely responsible for the unhealthy food epidemic in America.