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Inside The 'School' Where The Students Are Chained To Their Desks

Every child knows the feeling of being forced to sit inside a classroom and anxiously wait to run and breathe in the open air of the playground. Now, a group of 30 snow monkeys in China know that feeling as well.

Except these "students" have chains around their necks, holding them to their desks.


Wild snow monkeys can often be found in the jacuzzi-like thermal springs of their natural habitat, where they've become favorites of photographers who enjoy capturing their zen-like lifestyle in the wild.

But these 30 captive monkeys have been robbed of this life in the name of entertainment.

"This report is shocking," Peter Li, Asia policy specialist at Humane Society International (HSI), told The Dodo on Tuesday.

"Opposition to animal performance, photo ops with tethered animals, live feeding and other abusive practices is part of HSI's effort in China," Li continued.

"What the school is teaching is in violation of the directive of the national government ministry against animal performance in zoos," he said.

In October 2010, the Ministry of Urban Development in China issued a directive effectively banning all performances in zoos. However, some zoos such as this one have managed to slip through the cracks.

Upon learning about these monkeys, HSI reported the incident to the China Association of Zoological Gardens, which has worked with HSI in the past to challenge instances of animal cruelty.

Sadly, these 30 captive snow monkeys still face an even grimmer future upon graduation.

Across the globe and in the U.S., circuses have proven to be dangerous and even abusive places for animals who are often better suited to live in more natural environments.

For the 30 monkey students, their daydreams may be the closest they'll ever get to their natural habitat. While they're chained to their desks, these poor monkeys wait for a recess that may never come.

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