7 Monkeys Who Woke Up Like This

1. This Yunnan snub-nosed monkey woke up with a photo-ready face like this.

(Angry Pangolin)

2. This douc langor monkey woke up with salon perfect ombre highlights. Every. Day.

(Flickr: Art G.)

3. This golden lion tamarin hasn't even finished breakfast yet. Already fabulous.

(Flickr: jinterwas)

4. Punk rock isn't dead. Punk rock is a red colobus monkey.

(Flickr: Olivier Lejade)

5. Maybe she's born with it ... maybe it's mandrill sheen.

(Flickr: Lil Shepherd)

6. "Hispters, don't hate me cuz you ain't me." This black-chinned emperor tamarin has a better mustache than all of Brooklyn combined.


7. The all black ensemble with shocking white locks look? Lady Gaga didn't come up with that. She bit it straight from this black and white colobus monkey.

(Flickr: Mark Dumont)

8. These night monkeys do not care about your fresh-faced beauty secrets. It's not really an issue ... when you woke up like this.