Missing Dog Shows Up At His Owner's Funeral

Even in death, the love of a faithful dog endures.

Last weekend, family of the late Doña Rosalba Quiroz gathered together to bid her a final farewell during a funeral service in Mexico - but they quickly discovered they were not alone in their grief.

The deceased's cherished dog, Bayron, who'd gone missing 15 days earlier, somehow seemed to know it was his last chance to say goodbye, too.

Quiroz, who had been battling cancer, lived with Bayron on her ranch outside the city of Montemorelos. A few months back, however, as her condition deteriorated, Quiroz was sent to live with relatives. Still, as Punto X Punto reports, she returned home often enough to care for the dog who stayed behind.

But then that all changed.

When her health took a turn for the worse and Quiroz could no longer travel, she asked relatives to care for the dog in her place. However, when they went to find Bayron, the family discovered he had disappeared.

Sadly, a little over two weeks later, Quiroz passed away. No one knew where Bayron had gone to - but when it came time for her funeral, he suddenly reappeared there, miles away.

"We normally don't let animals in, but the dog was howling and scratching at the door, so we brought him in," a worker at the funeral home told El Sol.

Bayron proceeded to lie down alongside Quiroz's coffin, later getting up to view her body as other family members did the same. It's as if he understood then why she had failed to return to him.

"We've never seen a case like this," the owner of the funeral home said. "We're all surprised how the animal without knowing arrived alone to say goodbye to his owner."

It's unclear what happened once the service ended, but we hope that Quiroz's family have honored their loved one's wishes by helping Bayron heal too in a new forever home.