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Mining poses new threat to world's greatest rhino sanctuary

Important article and must-see videos. A HUGE new threat to rhinos, wildlife and people: Ibutho Coal has applied to build a MINE just 40 meters from the pristine wilderness of Africa's Hluhluwe-Imfolozi park in South Africa. It would "pave the way for poachers, but it would also risk polluting the rivers feeding the Unesco world heritage-listed Isimangaliso wetlands." "There is no doubt in my mind that if that mine went ahead it would destroy the wilderness," he said. "If we don't save wilderness, I am afraid humanity is on one long path towards destruction. And what a tragic world it would be if your children and your grandchildren couldn't see a rhino in the wild." ~ Dr. Ian Player, who did the first aerial count of rhinos and launched the "Operation Rhino" breeding and reintroduction program. A long but VERY important article to read. Rhino and wildlife advocates need to work on stopping this mine from going forward!