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Millennials Want Puppies And Kittens β€” Not Babies

75% of people in their thirties own dogs now.

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Millennials are known for starting new trends and throwing away the traditions of the past, and choosing cats and dogs over babies is their latest trend.

A new study released by Mintel shows that half of people in their thirties have cats, while three-fourths have dogs. Millennials are half as likely to get married as people their same age were 50 years ago, meaning that essentially, they're trading in babies and families for fur children instead.

Lifeline Animal Project

If you check social media on any given day, it's highly likely you'll see at least a handful of pictures of dogs and cats dressed in adorable outfits the same way one might dress up a baby - which definitely supports the findings of this study. There are memes all over Facebook and Instagram about millennials considering dogs their children, and it doesn't look like the trend is slowing down any time soon.

The best part of all of this is that adoption is the most common way people are acquiring pets nowadays, which means that millennials are doing pet ownership the right way.

Millennials are also very selfless pet owners - 76 percent said they were more likely to buy things for their pets than for themselves.

Millennials may be more into pets than babies, but honestly, they're damn good pet owners, and that's what counts.

Lifeline Animal Project

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