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Miley Poses Topless With New Pit Bull Puppy

Miley Cyrus is known for being extremely devoted to her pets and to animals in general, and now yet another lucky animal gets to experience that love first hand.

Cyrus recently welcomed another pet into her home, a rescue pit bull puppy named Milky. In true Miley fashion, she posted a topless selfie with her new pup on Thursday.

The adorable new family member was officially announced on Cyrus' Instagram account yesterday with a sleepy selfie of her new best friend.

Milky is Miley's new obsession, and she even posted a picture of Milky's head photoshopped onto her body. Oh, Miley.

Cyrus already has quite the posse of pets but Milky seems to be bonding quite well with two of the pop star's other dogs, Mary Jane and Bean, and her cats, Lilo and Shanti. Milky went from being alone in the shelter to having the biggest, goofiest family ever - how lucky is she?!

Also, can we just admire Cyrus' cat pizza pillow for a second? Purrfection.

Cyrus is an especially big advocate for pit bulls, and captions many of her photos of Milky with "#peaceforpits" and "#adoptdontshop."

Cyrus' other pit bull is a sweet girl named Mary Jane.

Cyrus truly loves her pets - it's only been one day and she has already posted 18 Instagrams about her new pup. Milky totally seems to be loving the attention and posing for the camera - looks like Cyrus has found the perfect dog for her!

It's so wonderful that the singer is such an advocate for animals, and it's clear Milky has been welcomed into a very loving home.