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Your Move America: Mexico Proposes A Ban Of Captive Marine Mammals

Mexico has become the latest country to join the movement against marine mammals in captivity, with a proposal that would ban keeping marine mammals in captivity for entertainment or commercial breeding purposes.

The measure, proposed by Rep. Merilyn Gomez Wells, cites the psychological stress and physical harm that captivity can cause for dolphins, whales and other marine mammals.

"The dolphinariums appeared in our country in the 70s, since then this business has been protected by the absence of legal rules and currently benefiting from ineffective regulations in this area," Rep. Gomez Wells told Noticias MVS.

If the measure goes through, Mexico won't be alone -- India became the largest country to ban the practice last May, following Costa Rica, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland. Other countries like Greece and Belgium have banned performing animal shows, citing poor animal welfare standards in many of them. It's worth mentioning that the U.S. hasn't made any legal progress toward banning captive marine mammal shows -- despite having one of the largest numbers of captive dolphins in the world.